What actually moves the needle on social media? Emotion. Inclusion. Relatability.


We believe that online success is fueled by Emotional Experience - the way that users feel after they have interacted with your digital properties, brand, employees, and other customers. Emotional Experience Marketing is digital marketing veteran Lauren Kozak’s proprietary approach to revitalizing connections between companies and your customers, and nurturing a thriving culture around your brand.


Analyzing and focusing on these human factors will drive traffic, virality, engagement, and conversions in a way you’ve never seen from traditional social marketing. You’re going to wow your boss, smash your goals, and stop being frustrated by social.

Custom strategy and solutions

Our Consultant and CEO Lauren will be your guide, teacher, analyst, advisor, guru, and new best friend.

Boutique data, not big data


We use a human touch to illuminate how your social aligns with your business goals: conversions, traffic, virality, and engagement.


Online course (coming 2019)


Our online courses teach you how to become a better marketer, using online Emotional Experience to create a thriving culture around your brand.


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