With over 15 years experience, Lauren Kozak is deeply knowledgeable about building audiences and influencing user behavior using social media and community.  Lauren also specializes in data-driven marketing, establishes well-oiled community management teams and is more than a little obsessed with marketing funnels. She has delved deep into the psychologies of various desirable niche markets, including millennials, Gen Z, moms, content creators and superfans. 

Lauren was marketing on social media before Twitter or Youtube had even launched. She started Britney Spears' Twitter from scratch, which soon became the third account to ever reach 1 million followers. At Los Angeles Times & Tribune Publishing, Lauren oversaw social media analytics, strategy and audience acquisition for all 8 newspapers. 


I've been working with Lauren off and on since 2011 and she's an absolute rockstar. I recently hired her to help me with my company's social media strategy and I'm so glad I did. Under her instruction we immediately saw a lift in engagement and conversions. She is constantly coming up with new ideas to help us iterate upon, evolve and improve our strategies. Lauren is analytical, knows about all facets of digital marketing and is easy to work with. I will definitely continue to use her as a professional resource and I'd be thrilled to be on a team with her again.

Amanda Paxson, Director of Marketing, Modern Marketing Summit

Lauren’s social media guide is MIND BLOWING. I had some vague understanding of some of these concepts, but it’s remarkable to see all these technicalities and best practices laid out clearly and thoroughly. 


Lizzy Kreindler, COO, Bluestem


My whole perception of digital marketing and social media has changed thanks to Lauren! I feel much more capable and engaged in the online landscape because of her coaching, and have seen great results since. She has a fun, clear and easy-to-integrate method of teaching that is backed by real-world expertise and professional experience. I love that she can back up her knowledge with her experience. And best of all, she truly listens and puts a lot of care into her responses. I can’t thank her enough!


Ben Caron, music artist, student of Emotional Experience Marketing

Lauren is whip-smart and an astounding creative problem solver. Her knowledge of the social media space is unparalleled in anyone I've ever worked with, and her ability to break down complex issues into something easily understandable - by even the most tech-phobic - is truly awesome. 

She is dependable, patient and generous with her time: an asset to any team. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.


Lisa Jenkins, Colleague at Fanscape

I have worked with Lauren for the past 2 years and it has been an absolute pleasure. She is an extremely knowledgable Digital Marketing and Social Media consultant, with a great personality to match. Lauren is very dependable and organized and has a brilliant talent for analytics as well as strategy. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Tracy Chapman-Nolan, CEO, BizChica Media

Social media wizard - Lauren Kozak sees the big picture. She knows what is needed to get your business out to the world. She is super helpful and kind and can help you break through your social marketing woes. I am so lucky to have her guidance.

Emily Broms, Owner and Founder, Yogi Road

As an artist, the technical side of branding and digital marketing can be overwhelming and confusing. Lauren applies a thoughtful artistic eye to her consulting and marketing content creation strategies, that applies her creativity and ingenuity.  Lauren has a passionate, excited, and fun way of simply explaining and educating throughout the process that makes it graspable and enjoyable, while simultaneously calculating the most effective plan to achieve your desired results. She provides expert insights into many aspects of branding and marketing that only a seasoned professional can provide, and I have gotten immense value from working with her on my project! Her ability to listen to my ideas and concepts, and then expand and uplevel them is exactly what was required to take my brand to the next level.

BlondeOnyx, music artist, student of Emotional Experience Marketing

Lauren is a patient manager who is willing to put in the time to tailor her managing style to each individual’s personality. By doing so, she helps motivate her team members to work hard and rise to their full potential without making it feel like a grind, resulting in success for everyone involved.  


Preston Carter Melbourneweaver, report at Redbird Group

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