We help marketing executives meet their business goals and increase consumer trust by providing actionable, strategic data-driven social media insights. We look at untraditional KPIs to give you extraordinary results.  


Armed with your Emotional Experience Analysis, you will...

  • understand how social media can better contribute to your overall business goals like conversions and traffic

  • have a quantifiable scorecard of diversity and representation of your audience

  • be able to speak to what moves the needle and direct your social team on a tactical path to growth.

Social media metrics leave you heaps of data, but little meaning.  Hootsuite even names lack of actionable social insights and waning consumer trust as two of five social media issues facing marketers in 2018. We can solve that


We believe that actionable social media metrics are so difficult because traditional reports focus on the wrong KPIs. Filters? Time of day? People talking about this? None of these are what drives social media success.


What actually moves the needle on social media? Social media success is driven by concepts, inclusion, relatability, and most importantly, emotion.  It can be the age of the people in your videos. If you’re a gym, it could be how sweaty the people in your photos are.  It could be the lifecycle state, concepts depicted, or any number of other factors a computer can't evaluate. And the one thing that always moves the needle? The emotions you evoke from your audience.


You don’t need fancy enterprise social analytics- you need a human touch to your social data.



Your inbox is likely swimming in weekly dashboards. You’re paying for expensive enterprise analytics tools. But these graphs and reports don’t really help you. They often elicit a big, “So What?”


Data on the best Instagram filters and times to post doesn't reflect your business goals or help you communicate the value of marketing to your superiors.



We hand-evaluate thousands of data points for your company. When was the last time you did that?


Ultimately, all the automation and reporting in the world can’t tell you how to connect with humans- only other humans can do that.   


It's 2018 and diversity matters. Millennial and Gen Z audiences prefer to shop with ethically-minded companies. 


Our Emotional Experience Analysis looks at your social media imagery and videos for inclusion- race, gender, age, body type, sexual orientation, and more.  With every analysis, even the most conscientious clients are shocked at their results.


1 - We examine several hundred posts manually. We look at every. single. one.

2 - Our analysts evaluate each post on 15-20 Dimensions, properties a computer could never understand, most importantly, Emotional Experience. Dimensions are customized for each client, but often include factors like lifecycle states, race of subjects, and key concepts depicted. This process helps make sure your brand is representing diversity well on social media.

3 -  Now, the magic happens. We work with you to choose a North Star Metric, often:

  • Engagement Rate- most common, shows what resonates with your audience

  • Traffic- ideal for media companies

  • Conversions- ideal for ecommerce companies


All of the Dimensions are aligned with your North Star Metric and put through our proprietary analysis.

4 -  At this point, CEO Lauren Kozak applies her 15+ years of experience in online communities and provides actionable tactics you and your social team can take immediately. You read so many reports- Actionable Social Analytics will tell you what to actually DO. Our analyses aren’t retrospective, they are future-facing and useful. You will leave with a concrete guide to what drives your business online and tools to maintain your new approach moving forward.

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