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Community Experience


By combining quantitative analysis with decades of experience growing digital communities, Kozak Consulting parses out what’s working and what’s not in your properties on social, sites and apps. Our unique approach surfaces the ideal methods to get your audience to move towards your goals.  


Our focus on emotional experience fosters engagement and loyalty while healing communities suffering from trolls, cattiness, or inactivity. After working with us, your communities will experience organic engagement, growth, and retention because of the rich culture and strong habits you have cultivated in your audience.

  • Social/Community Analysis and Diagnosis

  • Strategy Development

  • Community Healing / Cleanup


Lauren is not your typical social media consultant. She doesn’t just tell you what to post or how to use a social network. She works at a high level, integrating deep understandings of marketing dynamics and human behavior. She focuses on consumer emotion and bringing a human touch back into marketing.

She turns:

“We’ve never really had a social strategy... we’re lost.”

"I never really got social media until Lauren."

“I’m afraid to check the comments.”

“Our customers love us. They’re our greatest asset on social.”

“We just had the intern do social media.”

“Our social media team is a well-oiled machine.”

Lauren often helps lost companies get strategic, embeds with social teams to optimize their efficacy, and solves tough social media problems.  She will dedicate her talents to bring your social media to the next level (no matter what level you’re currently at).


She has lead social media teams at the LA Times/Tribune Publishing and Britney Spears and is ready to infuse your business with her 15+ years experience in online communities.




While your company has social media, does it have a social strategy?  Clients tell Lauren they have just been posting to social, without thinking through why.

After working with me,

  • You will reduce your cost per conversion.

  • Your profiles will experience organic engagement, growth, and retention because of the rich culture and strong habits you have cultivated in your audience.

  • Your community management team will be happier and more efficient.


After 15+ years in online communities, Lauren has seen it all. She specializes in tricky social media situations, and can:

  • Fix problems like low engagement, sloppy processes, and sketchy analytics

  • Heal communities suffering from trolls or negativity

  • Find a an effective path forward in the toughest of circumstances, like legal restrictions or hard-to-market products



Lauren believes in creating lasting relationships with her clients. Invitations to their homes and “We miss you!” emails are not uncommon. Lauren can integrate with your team in any style you prefer, from:

  • On-site embeds

  • Intensive workshops

  • Remote 2-3 month engagement (most common)

  • Done-for-you strategy dropped in your lap

  • Ongoing support, analytics, and adjustments

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