We're launching a series of online courses in Emotional Experience Marketing to give you access to everything Lauren has learned in her 15+ years of experience in online marketing.


Course 1: The Emotional Experience Marketing Method

The Emotional Experience Marketing Method helps experienced marketers take a hard look at your social media and online communities. It will force you into strategy that meets your business goals, solves your social media problems, and gets you in touch with your consumers. In this 6 part hands-on course, we look at:

  1. Goals

  2. Audience

  3. Value

  4. Content

  5. Engagement

  6. Logistics

Course 2: How to Diagnose and Cure the 15 Most Common Social Media Problems


Lauren is going to teach you the 15 most common social media problems and how to fix them. We’re going to talk both about strategy and tactics, from her unique emotionally-based approach to marketing.


After you have completed this workshop, you will:

  • Know exactly what is wrong with your online communities

  • Have a solid, actionable game plan on how to fix it

  • No longer feel frustration and doubt around your online marketing, but feel confident and empowered

  • Look at your analytics and feel successful

  • See from your users how your product is changing lives


This course is ideal for Social Media Professionals, Small Business Owners and anyone who is feeling stuck on social.

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